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Welcome to the website of GLOPAL MANAGEMENT AND SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, or as we call it GMANDS.

Thank you for your interest in us and hope the time you spend on browsing assume to be of value. Allow me to give you a snapshot of what sort of information is available on this site.

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ABOUT US provides brief details about the company, its promoters, its Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategy and its compliance with various laws, rules and regulations

ALLIANCES brings to light various strategic partnerships and consultants who are currently empaneled with the company; It also provides an application blank for strategic partnership, consultancy and referrals related to them

SERVICE PORTFOLIO indicates the revenue model, services offered by the company, its current consultancy engagements and software applications

CONTACT US provides details of how to reach us – physically, virtually, Geo-location and includes a form for messages to be sent directly to the company

I wish we get connected – ‘business’ is also what we do at GMANDS!