Company Overview

Two is company. It is so right that two young minds came together and decided to start a company – a new family. They chose their spouses to be founders and facilitated them with all they needed. Thus, GLOPAL MANAGEMENT AND SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED was constituted and is registered under the Indian Companies Act, 2013 on April 20, 2017 with CORPORATE IDENTITY NUMBER (CIN) of U74999WB2017PTC220674.

The company has been the merger of two minds (families) – one with consultancy skills and the other with IT skills. These form its core business areas.

The name GLOPAL stands for GLO – Global and PAL – friend. It assures to be ‘Your Global friend’. It also appears on its registered trademark along with the symbiosis of two letters, viz. G and P.

The company has been categorized as MICRO ENTERPRISE in the SERVICE SECTOR by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India, with 100% Women entrepreneurship and 51% minority participation.

Promoters and Directors

The company is promoted by two women entrepreneurs. SUTAPA MONICA GOMES (DIN07774964) is the Managing Director. A graduate with excellent flair over communication and mastery over managing affairs. The other woman is SHYAMOSHREE BANERJEE (DIN07774929) who is the other Director. A graduate who has exceptional human skills.
The two Directors are assisted by their spouses in various endeavours. Managing business has now become a regular family affair. The Directors have become more synergetic and strive to replicate that in all forms of work.


The Promoters and Directors are fortunate to have the following advisors:

Asok Kumar Banerjee – Marketing, Branding, Strategy

Sunil R. Modi – Technocrat, International Educational & Management Trainer, Foreign Trade Advisor & Consultant for African Continent

Desh Dulal Chatterjee – Taxation and Laws, GST Advisor

S. Banerjee – EXIM

S.M. Gomes – Finance, O&M, Mentor

Prof. (Dr.) Subhasis Neogi – Energy, Green Solutions

Vision, Mission, Objective, Core Values and Strategy

  • Our Vision is to be a PAL (friend) in need and a global player in the field of consulting and IT.
  • Our Mission is to treasure the needs of our clients, fulfill their demands and give satisfaction.
  • Our Objective is to lay a special focus on startups, women entrepreneurs, and marginalized business people in bringing about a social revolution.
  • Our Core Values have been identified with the letter ‘C’ – and 2 sets each of 6 Cs represented in a Circle within which 2 triangles have been placed to form a star. The first set of Cs are placed on the outer core and are primary which is very evident and visible upon starting a relationship with us. As we develop our relationship and it matures, the second set of Cs become visible, which are placed in the inner core. The triangles resemble – one is us and the other is obviously you.

  • Our Strategy  is ‘Business through Networking’

Revenue Model

The major revenue of the business is expected to be generated from two sources – Consultancy and IT. In the area of consultancy, the company looks for engagements in various sectors and industries, domestic as well as global. It is open to collaboration with other institutions and partnering so as to create a diverse and more competitive bidding. It has created a pool of consultants who are to be engaged in various projects and operations undertaken. It has also signed MoUs and agreements to work collaboratively.


At the core, revenue shall flow through collaborations and in three different but interrelated categories of revenue generators:

Systems and Process Integration:  The Company is gradually establishing itself in the field of Systems and Process Integration – specializing in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that such subsystems function efficiently and effectively together. In this regard it is developing collaborations, involving other experts and consultants to build highly specialized teams and groups, buyers and sellers, exporters and importers

Compliances, Registrations and Jurisdiction

  • Corporate Identity Number (CIN): U74999WB2017PTC220674 (Companies Act, 2013: Private Limited Company)
  • Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN): 19AAGCG8032R1ZW
  • Importer Exporter Code (IEC): AAGCG8032R
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN): AAGCG8032R
  • Professional Tax (West Bengal): 192081730717
  • Trade License (Haldia Municipality): 16800/3685/2221
  • UDYOG AADHAAR NUMBER (UAN): WB12D0001978 (Categorized as Micro Enterprise in Services Sector with 100% Women Entrepreneurs and 51% Minority Participation)
  • Registered/Enrolled with GeM, MSME Mentor, Startup India, Standup India
  • Jurisdiction: All matters are subject to the jurisdiction of Haldia Sub-divisional Court, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal only