Glopal General Transcription Service

The modern world with information-driven processes necessitates keeping all essential data securely and accurately stored in a convenient and usable format. Transcription is the process of converting audio and video data into clear and accurate text is in high demand among individuals and organizations alike. Timely documentation is the need of the hour in almost any profession or business in the contemporary world.

General transcription services provided by Glopal Management are reliable and of unparallled quality, enabling users to easily access the information they require.

Service Catagories:

  • Audio / Video transcription
  • Academic research transcription
  • Video captioning
  • Podcast transcription
  • Conference call transcription
  • Seminar transcription
  • Commercials
  • Films
  • Interviews
  • Shooting Scripts
  • Educational Videos
  • Academic Videos
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Conference proceedings
  • Legal Material
  • Police Interview Videos
  • Surveillance Recordings
  • Music Videos
  • General Recordings
  • Television Series
  • Motion Pictures
  • Documentaries

Audio / Video transcription

We offer a wide-range of Digital Transcription Services Embracing both Video Transcription and Audio Transcription. At Glopal Management, we re highly tuned with the technical advancements by devising a comprehensive range of digital transcription services which are tailor-made to suit every Business process of varied volume.

 Corporate Transcription

We provide end-to-end corporate transcription services to large, small and medium enterprises across the globe. Our Corporate transcription diversity includes:

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Interviews
  • Teleconferences
  • Seminars
  • Training Sessions
  • Panel Discussions

Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim transcription being the most elementary form of transcription, transcribes the recording as it is, including the umms, aahs, ers, ‘you knows’, ‘I mean’, ‘sort of’ etc. We offer quality, accurate, quick TAT verbatim transcription services for digital as well as non digital audio formats to our clients.

Advantages of Availing our Services

  • Competitive pricing
  • Accuracy and timely delivery (Turn Around Time)
  • Data security and Compliance
  • Modern technology and tools
  • Project-based professional transcriptionists

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